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Aetrex GPS Shoes

Providing Comfort and Security for You and Your Loved Ones

Are you worried that your loved one may walk off or drive away and end up somewhere else and not remember how to get back home?

The Aetrex GPS Shoe is the most ground-breaking product containing GPS tracking technology designed to help protect individuals afflicted with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia who have a tendency to wander and become lost.

Providing Comfort and Security for You and Your Loved OnesThese innovative shoes feature the latest GPS tracking technology embedded in the base of the heel with location coordinates sent to a central monitoring station. When your loved one is wearing the Aetrex GPS Shoes, you will have the ability to quickly track and locate them at any hour of the day using the interactive tracking website service (contingent upon enrollment in a separate monthly tracking plan; tracking service only works within the United States and excludes Alaska & Hawaii).

Finally, this extraordinary footwear will provide the comfort and security for you and your loved ones.

Aetrex GPS Product
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