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Men's Customizable Orthotics - L2420 Orthotics

Men's Customizable Orthotics - L2420 Orthotics

Neutral Forefoot

Posted Rearfoot

Material Technology:
  • Top Cover: CopperGuard®
  • Center Cushioning: Pro-Shox® polyurethane
  • Performance Base: Thermoplastic urethane/Mozaic gel

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The L2420® Customizable Series provides customized comfort & and performance for your feet. Features patented Mozaic® Customization Technology designed to help you create a pressure free environment in your shoes. This series offfers a soft, CopperGuard top cover made from state-of-the-art copper fibers to help prevent bacteria, fungi and odor. An advanced Lynco arch support comfortably balances your feet and provides proper body alignment.

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John Miller
great update
I've been using the L420 for 15 years and recently ordered one of the upgraded L2420 as a test. I put them in my tennis shoes and noticed a distinct improvement. They keep the form better and provide a more snug fit with better support. I did not touch the removable plugs available for fine tuning. It was not necessary in my case. Great product overall. The L2420 is perfect for flat feet and can be used in all shoes that have removable foot beds.
Good orthopedic support and comfortable
I have been using these orthotics for about 3 weeks and they are comfortable and provide support. I will have to use these for a longer period of time before I can make a final judgement but so far, so good.
T. Thomas
It Works!
My flat feet galore...your inserts help say to back more, no more. If more is said it would be a bore, a bore.
Michele S.
I can walk distance now!
I was an avid walker, runner...until a couple of months ago my feet started hurting throughout the day. I thought it was my age and that my body needed longer recovery time after exercise and long walks with my dogs. But the the pain progressed to the heels and became very painful to even stand. Finally decided to see a doctor after 2 months...after prognosis he said that I most likely had planar fasciitus - especially since I had very flat feet. I got a costum mold done and still waiting for my customized inserts to be mailed. It's been another month - and I tried various Dr. Scholl inserts and doubling inserts from various shoes to the pair I didn't work and I completely stopped running and doing much that required me to be on my feet. I was also getting depressed...then a week ago, after much thought decided to try aetrex customizable L2420 - and the rest is WHAT TA RELIEF...i'm smiling and walking with a lot of less pain. I'll try to come back and comment on my progress in a couple of weeks...
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