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Footprints Newsletter

footprints Footprints Vol. 3 Issue No. 5

How to Wear Sneakers At Work

Wearing sneakers to work is not appropriate for all office environments — yes, we know. And, we're incredibly fortunate to have a super-cool EIC who loves her sporty kicks just as much as her fancy designer heels, which makes run-of-the-mill trainers a welcome footwear option at R29 HQ... (read more)

Should You Trust Online Doctor Reviews?

You scope Amazon reviews before downloading a book to your Kindle. You wouldn’t dream of checking out a new bar without Yelping it first. But should you use online review sites like Vitals, ZocDoc, or Healthcare Reviews to choose a doctor?... (read more)

How To Read Nutrition Labels

When I wrote about healthier ways to shop for groceries, I suggested that readers learn how to decipher a food label. It's a crucial skill that can help you make better choices for you and your family... (read more)

4 Breakfast Foods To Avoid

Here at Healthy Living, we're big fans of breakfast. After all, a well-balanced morning meal can improve cholesterol levels, boost memory and keep you leaner... (read more)

Q: Guidance For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome -  I've had chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) for eight years and I was recently recovering. I started walking around the house. Around the garden, Around the park, the block, the suburb, around mountains, up mountains, built up to 30km, and all was awesome. I found a love of hiking. I went the gym, and all was great! With no indication of a foot problem, one evening after dinner (24 Dec) I went to stand up and I had this tremendous pain throughout my foot. It was so severe the slightest movement would lance an agonizing pain through my foot and ankle. It was so bad I splinted it so it wouldn't move. I couldn't put any pressure on it. The foot looked normal other than a very slight fleshy swelling under the ankle... (read more)

Q: Big Toe Pain - I have had regular discomfort and pain in my large toe for many years (approx 8-9 years) and in the early days i only really noticed it when i wore heals or bent my toe back whilst standing (i have not worn heals continuously for around 10 years). Over the last 4 months i have noticed that my toe is hurting even when sitting. It starts from the big toe and through the top of the foot (only in straight line from big toe) - i have no idea but i would say the tendon? Its only in the right toe. It is becoming stiffer and hurts when moved - a dull sort of pain rather than sharp one. There is no swelling. Ordinarily, i would not question it but Mum has rheumatoid arthritis and it started in her feet, so just want to eliminate this. I do not have pain anywhere else. ... (read more)

Q: Foot Pain, MRI Results Included - About 1 year ago my feet took a betting during an assault where I was in bare feet on hard pavement. My feet were bruised and cut, I had a displaced fracture of my left pinky toe, and it was painful to walk on either feet for ~ 2-3 weeks. Since then, I've had a number of problems with my feet: 1. Standing is exceptionally painful. I feel pain in my heel, forward arch and the ball of my foot. It feels like I'm standing directly on the bone. 2. Occasionally I get stinging / zapping sensations in the very tips of my toes. 3..... (read more)

The average person will walk around 115,000 miles in a life time, that's more than four times around the earth!. (More...)

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