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Men's Lynco Shearling Series - L905 Orthotics

Men's Lynco Shearling Series - L905 Orthotics
Lynco Shearling Orthotics are designed specifically to provide maximum foot comfort and protection. These extraordinary, tri-density orthotics feature a shearling fibertop cover that provides luxurious cushioning and shock absorption. Considered one of natures best insulators, shearling also wicks moisture and permits air circulation, allowing your feet to breathe comfortably. Lynco Shearling Orthotics are light-weight, resilient and provide unmatched support & balance.

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Feature Benefit

  • Rearfoot Cupped - Cushions and stabilizes rearfoot.
  • Recommended for medium and high arch feet.
  • Forefoot Supported - Metatarsal support comforts ball-of-foot & redistributes weight from metatarsal area.
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not quite what I expected
I was hoping for an insert like the 200 series only with sheepskin to soften it more. The 905 only works in one pair of earth shoes. I do wear this particular pair of shoes to work alot and it does make them more comfortable. The 200 series did not fit this dressier shoe.
Moderate Testing 'Cuz Its Not Winter
I bought these for my insulated winter boots. Since it is no longer winter in Alaska the testing phase didn't last too long. I did however try them out and they seemed to work okay. When next winter arrives I will give them a good work out. Then I should be able to give them a more accurate rating.
Support in my shearling boots, finally!
I bought these to replace the insoles of my Ugg leather boots. I have Morton's Neuroma and arch support with metatarsal support keep it at bay. This product works well for that. 4 stars because metatarsal support isn't customizable, which is probably should be, but these are working great. I will buy more for other shoes.
These are wonderful! I have arch pain in one foot and end up limping around for the rest of the day within an hour of arriving in the office, regardless of the type of shoe I am wearing. I wear these inserts everyday and have zero discomfort any no more limping. I could not be more thrilled with these inserts.
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