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New for iStep Version 9


Look and Feel

  • New “Onscreen Keyboard” throughout the software – No More Windows Keyboard
  • Updated look for the software – background screens, app buttons
  • New and consistent look for all “Back End” screens
  • New animated Lynco recommendation screens
  • Slide functionality for app buttons at the bottom of the scan screen, choose your own order, no longer limited to 12 at one time
  • iStep 2-Go  provides the consumer access to their scan and to continue the iStep experience on their tablet or Smartphone.
  • Updated menu system, based on what is needed to get the system up and running.


  • My Feet
  • Alignment
  • iStep 2-Go
  • Foot Pain Identifier
  • Custom App (Up to 3)
  • Foot Facts (Updated)

General Options

  • Set the way to display sizing
  • Choose the timing of the email capture
  • Choose the iStep background – Blue Tech, Boomers (Default), Mountains (Previous Default)


  • FIT settings is now Measurement Settings
  • Remove Serial Port Settings (Now part of the Setup Menu)


  • Subscription Services – Weekly Newsletter is now “Footprints”, Choice of One-Year reminder or 6-Month reminder (Default)

Audio Options

New Audio prompts for the following apps:

  • Max Pressure
  • iStep Pro                             
  • Save Scan
  • Arches
  • Foot.com
  • Numeric
  • iStep 2-Go
  • Text
  • Foot Pain Identifier


  • Moved Training video segments from Vimeo to YouTube for better performance

Help (new)

  • FAQ - commonly asked tech support questions
  • Contact – information for how to reach the iStep technical support department for assistance
  • Remote Support – Direct link to run Help Desk tool “ShowMYPC” from iStep computer