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The Miracle of the Chilean Miners and Their Copper Sock Connection


Chilean Miners Emerge from Being Trapped with Healthy FeetThe entire world watched, riveted by the news of the 33 Chilean miners trapped for 69 days underground struggling to survive. They were trapped in very warm and humid conditions, an ideal environment for the development of fungi and bacteria.  36 days after being trapped, all miners received socks containing copper ion technology developed by Cupron.

After wearing the Copper socks, their skin conditions showed remarkable improvement. All the miners emerged from this ordeal with feet that were clean and free of odor-causing fungus despite the damp and humid living conditions. Aetrex is proud to feature Cupron Technology in its Copper Sole sock collection and to promote healthy living.

“I was the physician responsible for performing an initial examination and following treatment for each of the 33 miners rescued from the San Jose mine in Chile. I am convinced that these socks containing Cupron technology played a major role in protecting the miner’s feet from developing fungal and bacterial infections.”

Dr. Juan Carlos Mellibovsky
Head, Dermatology Department, Copiapo Regional Hospital

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