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Stylish Orthopedic Shoes by Aetrex


Orthopedic shoes usually have the stigma of being bulky and ugly associated with them. In the recent years, several shoe makers have noticed that wearers of these shoes want style! In this article, benefits of several orthopedic shoes made by Aetrex are presented.

Orthopedic or “comfort” shoes are made with pedorthic and anatomically-correct comfort qualities, such as padded removable insoles to accommodate custom orthotics, wide toe boxes and arch support are made especially for those with problematic feet.

Aetrex Footwear

Aetrex has pioneered the application of perdorthic expertise to high performance footwear products and technologies. Aetrex provides many options for both Men and Women in their various line-ups, the following are the various lineups of their shoes and samples of the shoes styles from each line:

Essence Collection (Women)

The Essence line is a very popular choice for casual and dress use. Styles include slip-ons, mary janes, oxfords, straps, and stretchers. All footwear in the Essence Collection are made from luxurious soft full grain leather & incorporate linings made with moisture transferring polyester fabrics for maximum comfort and breathability. They feature 1/4 removable depth in two layers – a patented Aetrex performance insole and Aetrex’s Mozaic insole for customization and fitting flexibility. Sample styles:

High Performance Orthopedic Footwear (Women)

The evolution of comfort and performance. Aetrex’s high performance line includes running shoes, crosstrainers, and trailrunners.

Athletic Walking Orthopedic Shoes (Women)

The Aetrex walking shoes are good for every day comfort whether you are out running errands, working around the house or on a walking-intensive vacation.


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