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Completely redesigned on June, 2012, Foot.com is widely recognized as the #1 foot health site on the internet. Since it’s debut in 1999, Foot.com has grown to thousands of pages of content and received tremendous recognition, including being rated by Yahoo Internet Life Magazine as the best healthcare site for feet.

Foot.com is packed with news and information on foot conditions, treatment options and products. Other special features include online chats with footcare experts, the “Foot Pain Identifier” and weekly interviews with famous athletes. Every week there are 50 new foot health related stories added to the site. The site appeals to athletes, fitness enthusiasts, seniors, people with diabetes and anyone else concerned with eliminating unnecessary foot pain.
Currently, approximately 200,000 vistors log on to Foot.com every month, generating 21 million hits.

Foot.com is staffed by a full-time team of Aetrex Web Designers and internet Marketing Specialists who promote the site with public relations campaigns, ongoing Internet marketing and a Commission Junction Affiliate Program.

Ped. Newswire

Pedorthic Newswire- Pedorthic Newswire

Through the Foot.com program, Aetrex created and developed The Pedorthic Newswire (PNW). PNW is the primary online newswire covering pedorthics with over 5,000 subscribers. Every Wednesday the newswire is sent out via e-mail and contains vast information relevant to footwear and footcare retailers, foot health professionals and more.

PNW contains four primary sections – Discussion, News & Information, Diabetes, and Sports & Fitness. The Discussion section is where people within the industry communicate by submitting questions, comments and answers that are published on a weekly basis. In addition, PNW contains free classifieds, upcoming courses, and information on becoming a certified pedorthist.

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Are you worried that your loved one may walk off or drive away and end up somewhere else and not remember how to get back home?

Aetrex, a company committed to foot health for three generations and GTX Corp’s patented GPS shoe technology are making it possible for caregivers of Alzheimer’s victims to keep one step ahead of the millions of those afflicted that may wander.

The Aetrex Navistar GPS Footwear System is the most ground-breaking product containing GPS tracking technology designed to help protect individuals afflicted with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia who have a tendency to wander and become lost.

These innovative shoes feature the latest GPS tracking technology embedded in the base of the heel with location coordinates sent to a central monitoring station. When your loved one is wearing the Aetrex Navistar GPS Footwear System, you will have the ability to quickly track and locate them at any hour of the day using the interactive tracking website service (contingent upon enrollment in a separate monthly tracking plan; tracking service only works within the United States and excludes Alaska & Hawaii).

Finally, this extraordinary footwear will provide the comfort and security for you and your loved ones.

For more information or order GPS shoes,  please visit http://navistargpsshoe.com/



- a product of Aetrex Worlwide, Inc.

ChiroLync.com is an initiative of Aetrex Worldwide, Inc.,  the purpose of which is the dissemination of information related to Lynco orthotics to chiropractic practices.

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- a product of Aetrex Worlwide, Inc.

Aetrexdpm.com is an initiative of Aetrex Worldwide, Inc.,  the purpose of which is the dissemination of information related to Lynco orthotics to podiatric practices.

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Code Amber Alertag

Code Amber Alertag

Code Amber Alertag is a discreet ID tag that fits on your keychain and provides access to vital life-saving information
in case of emergency.  

Visit codeamberalertag.com