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3 Essentials
The 3 Essentials for Customized Comfort

What can I do to feel great on my feet? How can I prevent foot pain and live life to the fullest? The answer often lies in finding products that match your unique footcare needs to provide true customized comfort. The first step to customized comfort is to identify the 3 essential elements of your feet.

1st Essential: Foot Size
1st Essential: Foot Size Your foot size changes throughout your life and an improper fit can often lead to foot discomfort. Aetrex footwear comes in multiple widths and offers unique features that help provide a comfortable, customized fit.
2nd Essential: Arch Type
2nd Essential: Arch TypeIdentifying your arch type is as important as your foot size. Aetrex shoes and orthotics can be integrated to provide optimal comfort for your arch type.
3rd Essential: Pressure Points
3rd Essential: Pressure PointsCustomized comfort requires a pressure free environment in your shoes. With Aetrex orthotics and patented Mozaic® Customization, specific pressure points can be quickly relieved to help ensure maximum comfort.

Foot Orthotics and Your Feet

Lynco Orthotics



There are many different types of effective foot orthotics. Some are custom made while others are over-the-counter and designed for specific foot types and symptoms. Depending on your What Can orthotics do for meparticular needs, your doctor or health care professional may recommend orthotics for your feet.

The goals of orthotics are to make your feet feel comfortable in your shoes at all times, while preventing foot pain and providing proper body alignment. With the right orthotic style, you’ll benefit from shock absorption, arch support, cushioning and pressure redistribution. In combination with proper footwear, orthotics can help you achieve maximum foot comfort and prevent unnecessary injuries to help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.


Do you know your arch type

The first step to total foot comfort is understanding a little bit more about your feet. Our feet are all unique to us, and come in many different shapes and sizes with particular characteristics and needs.

Aetrex’s patented iStep Foot Scanning Technology quickly identifies your arch type, foot size and pressure points. This revolutionary technology then custom selects the ideal orthotic styles for your needs to help you look and feel your best. In a matter of seconds, you’ll be on your way to a better life.



low arch

Low Arch (Flat Feet)

Characteristics: Very flexible foot with an arch that sits low to the ground. Very little arch definition.
Potential Problems: Over-pronation, plantar fasciitis, post-tibial tendonitis, heel spurs, medial knee problems, bunions
Orthotics: Orthotics should incorporate medial rearfoot posting and arch support to keep the foot aligned and help control over-pronation



medium arch

Medium Arch Feet

Characteristics: Biomechanically efficient foot. Moderately flexible foot. Defined arch.
Potential Problems: Susceptible to common foot problems such as heel pain and metatarsalgia from repetitive stress and improper fitting footwear.
Orthotics: Orthotics should have arch support, cushioning and shock absorbing materials for comfort and foot pain prevention.



high arch

High Arch Feet

Characteristics: Very rigid foot with an arch that sits higher from the ground. Well defined arch. Excessive pressure to rearfoot and forefoot.
Potential Problems: Plantar fasciitis, heel pain syndrome, arch strain, metatarsalgia, calluses, claw toes
Orthotics: Orthotics should have proper arch support, metatarsal pads for forefoot relief, and strong cushioning properties.


Unmatched Comfort & Support, for Your Specific Foot Type

Recommended by doctors and pedorthists worldwide, Lynco is recognized as the #1 orthotic system on the market today. Millions of pairs have been sold to consumers seeking the quality and support of custom-made orthotics at an over-the-counter price.

Lynco orthotics are available in a variety of styles to provide you with a custom selected solution based on your specific foot type and footwear style.

Join the millions throughout the world who now recognize that Lynco orthotics provide the easiest and most effective way to achieve maximum comfort and improved footwear performance. 


Rearfoot Options:

Cushions and stabilizes rearfoot. Recommended for medium and high arch feet

Controls over-pronation and balances rearfoot. Recommended for flat or low arch feet.

Forefoot Options:

Without metatarsal support for those not suffering from ball-of-foot discomfort.

Metatarsal support comforts ball-of-foot & redistributes weight from metatarsal area.


SPORTS 400 Series
SPORTS 400 Series

Designed specifically for comfort, support and weight redistribution in athletic, walking and comfort footwear. These tri-density orthotics feature a Pro-Shox® top cover for superior cushioning and shock absorption. Pro-Shox’s high-tech polyester fibers help wick moisture away from the foot and provide a cool, friction free surface to prevent blisters and other foot problems.

Styles: L400/L405/L420/L425


DRESS 500 Series
DRESS 500 Series

Provides maximum foot comfort and protection in most footwear styles. These tri-density orthotics feature a full grain leather top cover, a molded Pedic™ core for stability and resilience, and a suede bottom to prevent sliding inside your shoes. These unique orthotics cushion the foot, absorb shock and fit comfortably in most footwear styles.

Styles: L500/L505/L520/L525 


CASUAL 600 Series
CASUAL 600 Series

Designed to provide maximum foot comfort and protection in casual, work and golf footwear. These tri-density orthotics feature a high-tech Carbosan® top cover that cushions the foot and absorbs shock forces. This innovative material is anti-odor and anti-bacterial to help keep your feet in a healthy, clean environment. Lynco Casual orthotics are light-weight, resilient and provide unmatched support and stability. Fits comfortably in most footwear styles.

Styles: L600/L605/L620/L625


SHEARLING 900 Series
SHEARLING 900 Series

Lynco Shearling orthotics are designed specifically to provide maximum foot comfort and protection. These tri-density orthotics feature a shearling fiber top cover that provides luxurious cushioning and shock absorption. Considered one of nature’s best insulators, shearling also helps wick moisture and permits air circulation, allowing your feet to breathe comfortably.

Styles: L900/L905/L920/L925