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Mozaic Customization


Did you know that throughout the world no two feet are the same? With our patented Mozaic Customization Technology, Aetrex shoes can be quickly customized to your feet to provide the ultimate footwear experience.

Here's how it works...

1. Identify the areas of your feet that experience the most pressure or discomfort.


2. Peel away the Mozaic® pieces where the area of discomfort occurs. Insert Mozaic layer or insole back into your Aetrex footwear.


After customizing your Aetrex footwear you will immediately feel the difference. You’ll notice that pressure has been relieved and you will experience foot comfort at a whole new level.

Optimize Mozaic Customization with iStep®Technology

 Mozaic can work in conjunction with iStep technology for optimum performance and comfort. iStep technology is designed to immediately identify all areas of foot pressure. In a matter of seconds, this patented technology will select the exact coordinates that should be removed from your Mozaic insole.

By utilizing iStep with Mozaic you will receive the maximum benefits of true customization. Optimize Mozaic Customization.