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How to Properly Measure Your Feet

  • Dr. Emily Splichal, DPM discusses the proper method of measuring you feet using Aetrex's patented iStep Foot Scanning Technology.

Lynco MetPad Pressure Relief

  • Aetrex Lynco Orthotics relieve forefoot pressure

Aetrex Healthy 3 Lynco Arch Support 

  • Aetrex Healthy 3 Lynco Arch Support

Aetrex Healthy 3 Memory Foam 

  • Aetrex Healthy 3 Memory Form

Aetrex Footwear - Alignment  

  • Alignment

Aetrex Healthy 3 Aegis Antimicrobial 

  • Aetrex Healthy 3 Aegis Antimicrobial

NBC Daytime TV (WFLA) Giveaway - 9/7/2012

  • The NBC DAYTIME (WFLA TV) syndicated giveaway segment, which featured the blackberry Aetrex Mid-Calf Boots and reached audience of nearly 2 million in more than 70 markets. The segment captures a close up camera shot of the host Cyndi Edwards wearing the boots....
  • Source

Aetrex 2012 Brand Video

  • Aetrex 2012 Brand Commercial
  • Essence by Aetrex, so comfortable you might forget to take them off after a long day on your feet.

Aetrex Sandalistas Commercial

  • Aetrex Sandalistas Commercial - Sandalistas sandals for women proudly feature built-in Lynco® support to incorporate the benefits of the world's most successful foot orthotic (insole) system.....

Aetrex Essence (Pumps, Heeled Sandals, Boots) Commercial

  • Aetrex Women's Essence - (Pumps, Heeled Sandals, Flats, Boots) Every pair of Essence comes built in Lynco® shaped footbed for superior arch support. For optimal comfort they contain memory foam top covers and a built in met pad for forefoot pressure relief....

Stylish shoes that are healthy for your feet - Fox News Houston (Jun. 13, 2012)

  • What comes to mind when you think of orthopedic shoes? Probably not the word "stylish" but maybe you should think again. I found some (Aetrex) high heels and health shoes that are one in the same....
  • Original content from: Fox News 26 Houston

Berries Boots by Aetrex

  • P2i ion-mask™ waterproofing technology
  • Aegis® anti–microbial linings to protect against fungi, bacteria and algae
  • Four way stretch uppers for optimum fit
  • Rubber outsoles for superior traction
  • Lightweight PU midsole for cushioning and support
  • Stylish accents
  • Innovative insole made from memory foam and PU for comfort and pressure relief

Stylish Soles Get Comfortable (NBC)

Aetrex, the new Englewood Concept Store and our Sandalistas were featured on The Today Show this morning. "Trendy Shoes Without The Pain".

Consumer correspondent Janice Lieberman and podiatric surgeon Dr. Suzanne Levine discuss how the shoe industry and designers are changing the way they make shoes to make them more comfortable for women.


How to Choose Shoes - Aetrex Bodyworks - Toning Shoes, Rocker Bottom Shoes

Vice President of Sales Matt Schwartz examines the differences between toning shoes and discusses the unique features associated with Aetrex Bodyworks our very own line of toning shoes featuring a double rocker bottom.


How to Choose Comfortable Shoes

In this video, Certified Pedorthist and Executive Vice President of Aetrex Worldwide, Inc. Matt Schwartz provides an overview of the video series discussing: • Feet & how they work • Foot type, their setbacks & potential solutions • Orthotics • Choosing shoes that look good & feel great


How to Choose Shoes and Why Wear Orthotics

Matt Schwartz describes how feet work and the role of orthotics in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. This video includes an overview of the foot, its complexity and how it functions in relation to the body and the environment surrounding us. It is also designed to help understand what we should consider when fitting footwear, including customization for a proper fit.


How to Choose Shoes for Low Arch and Flat Feet

Matt Schwartz describes low arch and flat feet, and the technology available to determine your foot type. This video includes an overview of how low arch and flat feet function, the kind of conditions and setbacks associated with them as well as some potential solutions to help avoid the setbacks.


Hot to Choose Shoes for High Arch Feet

Matt Schwartz describes high arch feet, and the technology available to determine your foot type. This video includes an overview of how high arch feet function, the kind of conditions and setbacks associated with them as well as some potential solutions to help avoid the setbacks.


How to Choose Shoes that Look and Feel Good

Matt Schwartz discusses some of the different criteria to help determine whether a shoe successfully combines function and fashion. This video covers an overview of basic shoe anatomy, including the materials, innovative technologies and features for customization which can make them both look and feel good and promote a healthy and active lifestyle.


TV Commercial

Berries By Aetrex - Yummy!

More about Berries

Aetrex® Worldwide, Inc. presents the Berries™ by aetrex® television commercial. The :30 tv commercial features the new ladies' footwear collection that includes clogs, slip-ons and mary janes in colorful 4 way stretch fabrics and breathable memory foams. Berries™ by aetrex® combines fashion and fun with extraordinary comfort. The fun and exciting commercial will be seen on tv stations nationwide beginning Fall 2011.


TV Commercial

Aetrex iStep Technology by legendary NFL Quaterback Phil Simms


Introducing iStep Technology

Aetrex iStep - How it Works