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Pedorthic Education


Apex Education Programs 

Apex can provide you with Pedorthic Education and training to help you differentiate your business and increase your overall customer base. These hands on trainings will truly lead to a much higher level of service for your customers.

Apex is recognized as a worldwide leader in pedorthic education with over 20 Certified Pedorthists on staff. At Apex, we are committed to offering our customers unmatched education, training, and technical support

2015 Practical Pedorthics
Practical Pedortics

Apex is proud to offer our 2015 full day continuing education program titled Practical Pedorthics. This seminar program covers the complications of diabetic neuropathy, arthritic foot problems, the difficult Pes Cavus foot and dealing with sports related injuries.

This program has been awarded 7.25 CEU’s by ABC and BOC. 

Download the Practical Pedorthics Calendar (pdf)

Download the Practical Pedorthics Registration Form Here (pdf)

Download Hotel Locations (pdf)

Download Program Schedule (pdf)

The registration fee is $195.00

2015 Therapeutic Shoe Fitter Program

Apex is pleased to offer a comprehensive 2-part education program to help quality participants become an ABC Certified Fitter of therapeutic shoes.

According to the ABC, (the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics), “an ABC Certified Fitter of therapeutic shoes (CFts) is an individual trained and qualified in the provision of non-custom therapeutic shoes and non-custom diabetic multi-density inserts. A certified fitter of therapeutic shoes is competent to practice within the scope of non-custom therapeutic footwear only.”

The Apex live shoe fitter program, hand in hand with the ANO online program will fulfill the educational requirements needed to qualify for the ABC Certificate. In addition, individuals must pass an ABC standardized test.   

To learn more about this program go to

Download the Therapeutic Shoe Fitter Calendar (pdf)

Download the Therapeutic Shoe Fitter Registration Form Here (pdf)

Download Hotel Locations (pdf)

Download Program Schedule (pdf)

The Live Program Fee is $150.00

For more information and updated schedules, contact Chantel Bossio at or 1-888-526-2739


Apex Online Continuing Education Program- Apex U on CD

Apex CDAlternately, You can now earn Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) toward your certification right in the comfort of your own home. Apex U on CD includes a comprehensive workbook that features seminar outlines, illustrations and chapter tests. This course is good for those who are looking for CEU’s towards the following programs; Orthotists, Orthotic Assistants, Orthotic Technicians, Pedorthists, Therapeutic Shoe Fitters.

This program has been awarded 14.5 Scientific Credits by ABC and 14.5 Category 1 CE’s by BOC

Cost - $195.00 plus shipping and handling.

To place an order for the Apex U on CD please call Customer Service 1-888-526-2739