Women's BodyWorks

Women's BodyWorksWhen we set out to design our first collection of toning shoes, we assembled a team of fitness experts, doctors and pedorthists to create the ultimate footwear for your health and wellness. Shoes to help transfer pressure and stress away from your feet towards areas of your body that benefit from stimulation such as your calves, hamstrings and gluteal folds.

We’re proud to introduce Aetrex BodyWorks Footwear. BodyWorks help tone your lower body, encourage healthy midfoot walking and promote proper body alignment.

These exceptional shoes feature an innovative double rocker sole to redistribute force away from both your rearfoot and metatarsal heads. BodyWorks shock absorbing polyurethane midsoles and strategically positioned fulcrum point provide comfort and cushioning and help facilitate walking. Moreover, the removable performance insoles feature Mozaic Customization Technology to provide personalized comfort and a pressure free environment.

The net result is shoes that help make you look and feel your best and provide an extraordinary footwear experience.