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Shoe Of The Week

Aetrex Shoe of the Week

Aetrex is giving away one free pair of shoes every week! Entering is super easy. Simply enter your information below, sit back and wait to hear if you are the lucky winner.

Official rules may be found at www.aetrex.com/shoeoftheweekrules.

Cannot see the entry form above? Click here.

Last Week's Winner: Annette Alepa

Shoe Of The Week

This week's Shoe of the Week is the ‘Lena’ Sandalista! 

The beautiful detailing on the Lena Sandalista makes it the perfect option for any warm weather activities. With an adjustable thong design and fully functional midfoot strap, the Lena is great for all different types of feet. Enter today for your chance to win! And to see how it would look paired with an outfit, visit our ‘If the Shoe Fits’ style section!

If the shoe fits - ArchivesAnd to see how it could look paired with an outfit, check out our “If the Shoe Fits” style section.