Tech Development Team

The Aetrex Technology Development Team includes a diverse group of industry leading experts in software coding, artificial intelligence, computer vision, 3D printing, optical and electrical engineers, and much more. In addition, to support the program globally, Aetrex has a 30-person global sales and support organization and an extensive in-hours service team.

Larry Schwartz


Marz Oquendo

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Yossi Dror


Kumar Rajan

VP Software Development

Ayelet Aviv

VP Creative

Jerin Oommen

Web Developer

Yaron Habot

Software Engineer

Sae Hwang

Senior Computer Vision & Machine Learning Engineer

Skyler Maxwell

Computer Vision Engineer

Asaf Kahana

Systems Engineer

Gil Rubin

Software Engineer

Sagi Ben Shalom

Hardware Engineer

Ariel Uzan

Intl.Technical Support

Dr. Anthony Yezzi

Chaired Professor & Advisor

Erik Holl

Technical Support Representative

Jose Rodriguez

Technical Support Representative

Abhi Ray

Full Stack Developer

Vijay Sam

Program Manager

Vaneesh Kumar

Computer Vision Engineer

Sharma Ragi

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Vinod Narayanan

UI Developer

Sonu Kumar

Machine Learning Engineer

Deepak D Jayaram

Web, Hybrid Developer

Sharath Devarajan

Quality Assurance Analyst

Senthil Kumar Kumarappan

Mobile Developer