Aetrex New Year's Challenge 2020

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you for sharing your inspirational Aetrex Orthotics Success Stories.

Our Winning Stories

1. Devenee W

At the age of 23, I attended months of physical therapy, but the severe metatarsal pain only subsided completely after I purchased my first pair of Aetrex. As a bartender, waitress, avid hiker, and lover of the outdoors, I depend on quality products to get me through the day.

2. Elizabeth H

I have just retired from teaching after 43 years. During that time, I have been on my feet 5 days a week, for most of the day. I have chased active kids, been involved in hands-on instruction, and always been on the move! I currently have 7 pairs of aetrex shoes, not counting the 2 that have been worn out. I have 1 pair of aetrex orthotics that I shift around in my other shoes. Now that I am retired, I am keeping up with my active grandchildren! Having diabetic neuropathy, I never would have made it this long without aetrex!

3. Katherine C

About 6 years ago, I broke my foot running in cross country practice at Central Park. I happened to have broken my sesamoid to be exact. After having visits to the podiatrist and crutches for three months, I lost hope of ever getting to run again. Running helped me feel a sense of belonging with my team, and helped me with stress and anxiety relief. I met an Aetrex Salesman and he told me to give the orthotics a try to jump/run/dance around, to do whatever I thought would usually pain my foot. I did, and for the first time in six years, I was able to jump, run, walk (longer distances) and exercise without the pain from the injury.

Aetrex has radically changed my life and has significantly improved the quality of it. I can’t imagine using anything else other than Aetrex after this!

4. Dan R

Before I found my Aetrex orthotics I had constant foot pain. As a avid runner and triathlete I tried everything. I even had custom orthotics from my podiatrist. Then I found Aetrex orthotics and they were an answer to my foot discomfort. They have helped me to run pain-free for many years and even helping me finish an Ironman triathlon and many marathons! I like them so much I have put them in all of my shoes at home and at work. Thank you Aetrex!

5. Samuel B

Aetrex helped me get back into hiking in my early 50s after a serious bout of sciatica and way too many hours in an office environment. Slowly but surely worked my way up to some serious miles and elevations throughout Oregon and other places. These insoles are a gift and amazingly durable. I wear them in every shoe I own and especially my hiking boots. They regularly outlast my boots, btw. Now 57, I’m on the trails most weekend, rain or shine.

6. Angela V

"Aetrex, how do I love thee
Let me count the way,
In my Hokas, my New Balance
In every shoe they stay !
My achilles heal spur, gone away
No more cramping legs when I sleep
Working longer standing up
And from my arches, not a peep !
I need new inserts, please pick me
I have worn my inserts almost thru
People believe me when I say
A day without Aetrex JUST WON'T DO !!"

7. Susan C

I had Achilles surgery in February 2019 and have healed completely from the procedure. But being immobile for 8 weeks, and then gradually reintroducing activity in the last 6 months has caused some plantar fasciitis in both my feet. Aetrex insoles in my walking and hiking shoes have allowed me to get back to what I enjoy most - travel. We just returned from a trip to Baja where I was able to hike on the beach and in the arroyos. Thanks!

8. Laurie D

I had been having major foot, knee, hip, and lower back pain for months. Finally made an appointment for the doctor. He diagnosed me with peroneal tendonitis and recommended the L400 inserts. From the moment I put these inserts in my shoes and stood up, I could tell the difference!! Amazing that I allowed myself to suffer for so long! I had even tried walking over 150 miles (1 mile / day) for an Officer Down Challenge last year. Sadly, I had to drop out due to the pain before I got these. This year, there's another challenge for the 130+ officers who lost their lives in the line of duty in 2019. With my L400 inserts, I just know I'll be able to finish all 130+ miles!! This photo is one of my challenges. Before my L400's walking these would not have happened!! Now, it's like a cake walk!!

9. Jolene D

I finally embarked on a 14 day adventure with my husband and two 14 year olds covering ground from Milan to Rome with about 10 major cities in between. I was so concerned that my back, Planters fasciitis and former broken toes we’re going to hold everyone back. After much research I settled on a pair of Aetrex orthotics for my sneakers.

I kept up with both boys and left my husband in the dust as we even claimed all 551 steps to the St. Peter’s Dome in the Vatican! Now all three of my sisters are Aetrex fanatics, as are several friends, my son wears the orthotics in his shoes and my husband can’t live without them.

10. Jeffrey B

I cannot recommend Aetrex Orthotics enough. They have saved me from years and years of chronic pain. As a former dancer and avid city cycler, I have had pain in my feet for as long as I can remember. In or around 2009, I developed Morton's Neuroma in my right foot. If you don't know what that condition is, suffice to say that the condition leaves you in constant, searing pain. I had been to see my doctor and a podiatrist. The options facing me were to have it surgically removed, chemically dissolve the nerve that was causing the condition, or learn to mediate the pain I was feeling with a better diet, exercise, and pain relievers. I wasn't pleased with any of those options. I mean, who wants "random dissolved nerve goo" lingering in your system? Gross!

A friend told me about Aetrex and told me how they were different from other shoe inserts. I decided to buy a pair and slipped them into my day-to-day shoes as soon as I got them. HOLY COW! The day started with the normal aching pain, but as the day went on, I couldn't believe it! I had no pain. My foot wasn't hot. I wasn't rolling off to the side to relieve pressure. I couldn't believe it. From that day, I started switching the single pair of orthotics from one shoe to the next. After about two months, I bought three more pair so I wouldn't have to switch out as much and my feet have never been happier. I know for a fact that if I have Aetrex orthotics in my shoes, I can go through an entire day without pain. I can't say for sure, but it feels as if my condition is becoming less and less noticeable as well. What a lifesaver!

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