Unmatched Data Collection & Management

Data Collection

The Albert foot scanner captures a comprehensive foot profile of the consumer using its built-in 5,184 pressure sensors, 960 IR LEDs and receptors, and 18 cameras. The Albert OS user interface is also smart enough to proactively capture personal information from the consumer which is then tied to the foot profile.

Foot Scan Data

Foot Scan Data

  • Pressure per sensor by 1⁄4 cm squared in kgs
  • Plantar surface of foot by 1⁄4 cm squared
  • Plantar surface arch depth by 1⁄2 centimeter
  • Glossy automative paint for easy cleaning & durability
  • Average pressure per sensor by 1⁄4 cm squared
  • Left and right foot individual measurements by 1/10 mm of
    • Length
    • Width
    • In-step height
    • Arch height
    • Girth
  • For each data point—length, width, in-step height, arch, girth—an algorithmic output quantifying percentile relative to overall population
  • Gait analysis shows pressure distribution while walking
  • Degree of over-pronation, left and right foot
  • Foot Differentiation Score, assessing and quantifying differences between left and right foot in terms of arch height, arch depth, and pressure, and providing a machine learning output score detailing percentile relative to overall population
  • Median shoe size
Retail Store Data

Retail Store Data

  • Customizable reporting of Albert scanner usage by store and/or sales associate
  • Customizable Albert automated weekly reporting via email by store and/or sales associate
  • Customizable reporting on Albert scan to email or mobile number acquisition rate by store and/or sales associate
  • With POS Integration: customizable reporting on Albert scan to footwear sales by store and/or sales associate
Customer Information Data

Customer Information Data

  • Customer name
  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • Shoe Preference information that is stored on the Albert FitHQ
Aetrex FitHQ Dashboard


The Albert FitHQ is the section within the Albert software that helps ensure the right fit the first time. The program uses Artificial Intelligence and can be synced with a retailer’s POS or ECommerce system to help sales associates recommend the best fitting shoes by brand, style, and size per customer, based on his or her unique foot scan.

Aetrex TrueFit Dashboard

FitHQ Powered by True Fit

Aetrex has partnered with True Fit, a data-driven personalization platform, to integrate True Fit’s size, fit and style recommendations with our Aetrex Technology Ecosystem. The result is a more interactive, omni-channel experience that connects in-store foot scanning data to direct the shopper to the best-fitting footwear for their foot type and preferences. Whether shopping online or in-store, shoppers receive the right fit the first time.

Aetrex Albert Dashboard

Albert Control Panel (CRM)

The Albert Control Panel is a CRM dashboard where retailers can easily access, lter, and export all Albert foot scan data. The control panel helps retailers monitor Albert scanner usage by store and by sales associate. It can then lter all customer foot scan data by store, which can be used to create customized marketing programs targeted to customer’s needs based on foot size, width, arch height, and much more.

Aetrex Data Table from Albert

Cloud Analytics

Cloud Analytics is highly secure, reliable, cloud-based data analytics platform for Albert. It uses Machine Learning and a range of analytical tools to extract information from the massive data collected from the Albert scanners and present them in a way that is easily categorized and readily available through the Control Panel.