Aetrex FitAI

FitStarter - Turnkey Footwear and Fit Recommendations

FitStarter is a personalized footwear recommendation platform designed to help retailers improve their shoe fitting service for shoppers, reduce returns, and increase customer satisfaction. Developed in partnership with the premier shoe fit testing company Heeluxe, FitStarter is an accurate, turnkey starting point to Aetrex’s AI-powered shoe match-making platform, FitGenius.

Aetrex utilizes its own Fit Labs to analyze shoes submitted by participating retailers each season using the patented Hank Jr Shoe Fitting Smartlast system developed by Heeluxe, which leverages pressure sensor technology. The FitStarter platform analyzes each customer’s unique 3D foot scan data collected in store, from either an Albert 2Pro or Albert 3D Fit, alongside the Fit Lab data to provide immediate, personalized fitting recommendations. Within days of collecting the Fit Lab shoe data, retailers can have footwear and fit recommendations available in their stores.