Frequently Asked Questions

Aetrex Access program members can earn points for purchases and activities made on

Every $1 spent = 10 points
After first purchase = 4000 points
Anniversary celebration = 4000 points
Like on Facebook = 50 points
Follow us Instagram = 50 points
Review on Website = 100 points
Referral Bonus = 4000 points
*Points are only rewarded to the subtotal, excludes tax & shipping on purchases.

1000 points = $5 Coupon
2000 points = $10 Coupon
4000 points = $20 Coupon
6000 points = $30 Coupon
10000 points = $50 Coupon
20,000 points = $100 Coupon
If an Aetrex rewards program member has earned enough points, they can redeem points by logging into their account and going to the cart page. On the cart page, you can see the number of points you have accumulated. You can select the amount of points you wish to use in the reward dropdown and then click apply. Points will be applied to your cart and you can checkout. Please note you can remove the points from your order by clicking X on the points under the dropdown if you no longer want to apply them. And, if your selected points in the dropdown are not being applied, it is probably because you don't have that many points in your account.
Points expire after inactivity of purchases and/or social sharing of 12 months.
Points for online orders will be rewarded 30 days after purchase.

As a member of the Aetrex Rewards Program, customers will receive exclusive invitations to earn double or triple points on purchases made during the promotional period. These additional promotional rule points are not cumulative with product-based points earned. This means you may not earn points under both the standard rules and the promotional rule, but only under the promotional rule.

After 30 days of the day of purchase, your points will be placed in your rewards account. Please note that if you would like to preview the amount of potential points that will be awarded during the promotional period, you may log into your rewards account. Purchases made without logging into your account but that are associated with your email address will have points reflected in your account 30 days after purchase.

Unfortunately at the current moment points will not be transferable.
If you suspect points were not rewarded and you are missing points, please contact customer service via email at or by phone at 1.888.526.2739
Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 6:30pm (EST)
To review your points balance, you must be logged into your account. Once logged in, scroll down to the Rewards section to review your balance.
Points will be deducted for the amount of each item that was returned.
Rewards are issued in the form of coupons, if your order total is less than the coupon value, the remaining balance cannot be carried over to future orders. The unused remainder of the coupon will be forfeited.
Coupons of the same value (example: two $5 rewards, two $10 rewards, etc) cannot be used together in one order.We recommend redeeming the reward with the greatest dollar value if you are intending to use the equivalent rewards points on your purchase.
The anniversary date is based on the date the account is created with a password.
The first purchase bonus points go into effect with a customer's first purchase after creating a loyalty account with a password. This applies only to new customers who haven't purchased from us before. Existing customers who have purchased before, but have just created a loyalty account, will not receive the 4,000 bonus points.
Unfortunately, it is currently only available for US customers. However, we are considering expanding it internationally in the future.