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Welcome to the future of footwear development. is a data platform that aggregates and filters unique, global 3D foot data from Aetrex’s latest 3D foot scanners and places it at the fingertips of footwear developers and designers around the world. The mission is to make 3D foot data widely accessible, take the guess work out of the equation and provide footwear brands with the data they need to create better fitting and functioning footwear. features the most accurate, complete 3D foot data broken down by gender, region, foot size and much more.

Foot Scan Data

Global Aggregate Data

Aetrex’s 16 Measurements & Definitions

Aetrex has the largest and most experienced foot scanning technology team in the world. Below are the standards that we have identified for measuring feet for optimal accuracy and fit.

1. Length
2. Width
3. Instep Height
4. Instep Width
5. Instep Girth
6. Ball Height
7. Ball Width
8. Ball Girth
9. Heel Width
10. Short Heel Girth
11. Long Heel Girth
12. Arch Height
13. Ankle Girth
14. Length to 1st Metatarsal Head
15. Length to 5th Metatarsal Head
16. Max Toe Height

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Development Lab “Lasso” Tool

Much like a true lasso, this tool virtually “wraps” around the 3D foot and can be moved on an axis at any angle to measure and analyze a cross-section of any aspect of a 3D foot scan. Users can also identify 2 spots within a cross-section to measure and get even further detailed data. Press Highlights

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Foot Scan Data

16 Measurements

Foot Scan Data

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Foot Scan Data

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