"Before using Aetrex Orthotics, I was suffering through a lot of foot pain, especially after a long day of training or while playing four rounds at a tournament. Three years ago, I decided to test a few orthotics and found that Aetrex’s Compete Orthotics worked best for me because they helped compensate for the low arch of my feet. They instantly made my golf shoes more comfortable and supportive, which has helped optimize my power transfer on the field and my overall stability. I can now regularly walk over 35 miles a week, as is common during training or when playing in a multi-round tournament, with no pain at all. I even wear them in my regular day-to-day shoes!"

- Lexi Thompson, U.S. LPGA Champion & Olympic Golfer

Available for Men & Women

Aetrex Alignment


Aetrex Arch Support

Arch Support

Aetrex Superior Cushioning

Superior Cushioning

Aetrex Pain Relief

Pain Relief

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2 Results